Non-profit association – Law 1/2002

OTG West Europe Association

The goal of OTG West Europe Association is to create an environment in which Nu Skin distributors with common objectives can leverage the efforts of each other. Thanks to a system of common and unified presentations and trainings, everyone can accomplish more than what would be possible individually.


of OTG Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Because we want to be organized in a powerful and transparent way. Our aim is to continue developing new and better tools for all distributors doing business in West Europe.

Because no money will go into the pocket of any individual distributor. The potential surplus is re-invested in the development of OTG WE.

All distributors can participate as long as they abide by the OTG Code of Conduct.

By definition an association is created with the aim to give services to its members. Therefore, all the material, services and events are for members only.

We want to make sure that everybody can benefit from what we do. For that reason OTG WE has decided to offer the membership for free to all distributors who use our support system (the web, material and events etc).

Register here to make sure that you don’t miss out on anything we offer.

We look forward to receiving your registration.

We would like to hear from you! By sharing your opinions, your ideas and needs with us you will allow us to give you even better support and tools for your business building.

OTG WE develops, designs and print material to facilitate your business development.

OTG WE organises major events every year, such as Success Summit & Convention Summit.

OTG WE provides web services in 14 West European countries. 10 languages are available today and more are in the pipeline!

Web services include regular webinars with experienced leaders, a download section with all the material, mailing list, getting started and much more.


How do I join the association?

Click here to join. It is free.

Why become an Active Contributor

Many new projects and better tools & services are on the way and others are on the waiting list. Our team is small and our resources limited and any additional funds will be used to speed up the process and improve the quality of our services.

An OTG WE Active Contributor is a person who has clearly committed to follow OTG Code of Conduct, but who has also decided to contribute financially to OTG West Europe growth and development. They have made a commitment to personally donate at least 10 Euros per month.

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Become a VIP Contributor

An OTG WE VIP Contributor is a person who has clearly committed to follow OTG Code of Conduct, but has also decided to contribute financially to OTG West Europe growth and development. They have made a commitment to personally donate at least 50 Euros per month.

OTG WE VIP Contributors will receive a special certificate.

Each year when a Contributor has completed the requirements, a new certificate will be sent to recognise the number of full years they have been a VIPContributor (One year, Two year, Three year Contributor, etc).

OTG WE VIP Contributors receive benefits according to their contribution level.

I would like to contribute with:


OTG West Europe Association Contributors

The following list shows all the members who made financial contributions throughout the year.
At the end of each year we’ll update this list. If you become an Active Contributor or VIP Contributor now, your name will be mentioned in the next Newsletter and on this web page at the end of the year.

VIP Contributors


Claude Michel – Robert de Bruijn – Aileen Utkvitne – Eva Birgitte Hertzberg – Jorunn Sandvoll – Sissel Halmoy – Tommy Christiansen/Linda Andersen – Anna Caballero – Rocío Sevillano Sanchez – Elena Esteban – Francisco Javier Alcantara Arcos – Maria Aide Gutierrez -Susanna Gómez de Haas – Anne K.Göramnsson – Knut Persen & Tove Holmen – Kristi Malmberg – Lisbeth Rudemalm – Monica Magnusson – Sofia Bengtsson – Ylva Pålsson – Yvonne Majlöv – Paul Marsh – Lisbeth Nodland


Anca Tacutu – Andrea Morgado – Anna Katrín Þórsdóttir – Ásgeir Harðarson – Barbro Brithen – Elvira Wassenaar – Eva Úlfsdóttir – Gitte Voss Nygaard – Hannah Tannemyr – Isabel Bracero – Isabelle Pighetti – Jessica Crabtree – Kesia Lønø – Kirsten Kern – Kristian Skaanning Rasmussen – Lilli Vanhatalo – Marja Oratmangoen – Martina Arese – Meeri Simula – Milena Saponaro – Nathalie Sprich – Nina Barré – Patricia Valls – Paula Jamal – Paulo Campos Pertii – Pölönen – Peter Commandulli – Raúl Celdrán – Samir Jamal Silvia – Colonques – Tove Holmen – Vanessa Perez

We thank all contributors in advance for your support!